Samantha Launches Samsung S9, S9+ Mobiles at Big C in Kukatpally

The Tollywood Actress Samantha Launched Samsung S9, S9+ Mobiles at Kukatpally BigC Photos, The Samsung company has announced on Thursday that it will start delivering Galaxy S9 and S9+ to pre-booked customers in Hyderabad. Select customers were handed the latest flagship by Telugu actor Samantha Akkineni along with Uday Bhat, senior director at BigC. “I have been using Galaxy S9+ since the last few days and it has been an amazing experience. Galaxy S9+ is a gorgeous phone that gels with my personality and helps me stand out in the crowd,” said Samantha.

Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be available for Rs 57,900 and Rs 64,900 respectively for 64GB variants and Rs 65,900 and Rs 72,900 respectively for 256GB. The news flagships come in three colors – Lilac Purple, Coral Blue, and Midnight Black.

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