‘Disgraceful’, Rakul Preet Singh tells Telugu actresses who slammed her for lying about casting couch

While movements like #MeToo and #Time’sUp are encouraging female celebrities across the world to become vocal about harassment and spread awareness against sexual exploitation. Actress Rakul Preet Singh is being targetted for being against the tide.

Aiyaary actress chose to take a diplomatic stand on casting couch in film industry and in fact chose to defend it. She earlier said,  “People have been talking about casting couch a lot. But I just feel that they talk more about us because we are under the scanner and the limelight. I personally have done so many films and I have never, ever come across a single person who has tried to act funny with me.” Other actresses are not lauding her being the lucky one to have escaped it but instead they are angry with Rakul as her statement appears to be sidelining the victims who have mastered the courage to speak out.

Telugu actress Madhavi Latha (Nacahvule fame) lashed out against Rakul Preet Singh on national TV. During a live channel debate, she accused her of playing safe and lying in fear of losing her job.  Sri Reddy (Aravind 2 fame) also had a similar opinion.She also vented out against Rakul Preet and said that she should have spoken the truth and helped create awareness about casting couch to help the younger women who enter the film industry with hopes and aspirations, as per report by India glitz.

But Rakul stands by what she said earlier and condemned the actresses. After watching the debate and the comment made by the anchor she said, “It’s disgraceful. When I first saw the video, I didn’t believe it… whether something like this had happened on the channel or wondered if someone had sent a forward just to create controversy. Just imagine, from the actors’ point of view… my parents don’t know Telugu, but if they understood that news, what will they think? They’ll think this is the industry I’m working in.”

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